Prices editorial english

Unless otherwise agreed, are images of ordered tasks not available to other than the client before the photos of the assignment is published by the client.

Price first 2 hours (minimum price incl. 2-5 images for single use and network) € 235

Hourly after the first 2 hours € 110

Daily rate (7.4 hours) € 800
Daily price – several days, subsequent days € 646
Weekly price (5 days / 37 hours / project) € 3295

Driving costs starting in Aarhus : € 0,55 pr. km. minimum cost € 15
Bridge and ferrytoll on consumption.

All figures are excl. VAT and costs associated with recording or repatriation of pictures, model fees, props, transportation, freight and postage.

Provided images may be used for the intended purpose, and payment only applies even reproduction. Picture material may not be resold, loaned or otherwise transferred to third man.

Digital further exploitation of such images. on the Web, only after written agreement with the photographer.

All images supplied under applicable copyright law.

Buyer accepts full responsibility for misleading and defamatory texts for publication.

For commercial use of an image is for the buyer to secure the necessary permit from the pictured individuals. By publishing a picture of where the second perpetrator of work involved, the buyer is liable for any financial claims from this.

Digital storage of the photographer’s pictures is only permitted within the period necessary for the current production. Additional storage may be made only by appointment with the photographer.

Images must not suffer together copying, electronic manipulation, etc. without the photographer’s written permission.

By publishing the name of the photographer stated as: “Photo: Claus Sjödin /”. By omission of the photographer’s name may be charged a 100% surcharge on top of it ahead of all paragraphs. Image price.

The buyer is responsible to notify all photographers not use the agreed obligations within 14 days from issue date. Notification may be in the form of sheet documents or copy of publication / website.

Otherwise you may be charged a 100% surcharge on top of it ahead of all paragraphs. Image price.

All unused photos and CDs must be returned to the photographer in intact and undamaged.

Payment Terms:
Net cash. When paying later than 14 days from the invoice date, penalty interest (delay interest) after the Danish Act on interest on late payments etc. of 21.12.1977 No 638, see Promulgation Act. No 743 of 4 September 2002 (morarenteloven). New default rate equal to the fixed reference rate plus a premium of 7.00% units, determined by Danmarks Nationalbank, respectively, per. 1 January and 1 July of that year. In addition also a reminder fee of 150 kr.

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